17 schools in Palermo and province approved for closure; Garzilli and Marconi saved, with two institutes in Misilmeri involved.

In Palermo, the provincial conference has approved a plan to downsize school institutions. With 15 in favor and 2 against, the proposal to close 17 schools, as previously reported by Giornale di Sicilia, has been passed. Garzilli and Marconi have been spared, but two schools in Misilmeri have been added to the closure list. The regional education department, led by Mimmo Turano, will now take over. Despite some disagreement, the decision was seen as necessary due to budget cuts and a decrease in student numbers. The full report is available in the Giornale di Sicilia, with a photo of the Alberghiero Cascino, which will merge with the Istituto Borsellino.

Approvato il taglio di 17 scuole a Palermo e provincia: si salvano Garzilli e Marconi, coinvolti due istituti di Misilmeri

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