17 illegal workers in a bar in Acireale, face a hefty fine.

Eleven undeclared workers and six irregular ones were found in a bar-pastry shop in Acireale by the provincial command of the Guardia di Finanza of Catania. Eleven of them worked as cooks, counter staff, and waiters without prior communication of the establishment of the employment relationship to the competent authorities by the private employer and without signing any employment contract. The other six people were irregular due to payment in cash and inaccurate registration of working hours in the Single Labor Book. The violations found entail an administrative pecuniary sanction ranging from 36,000 to 209,000 euros. At the time of access to the premises of the commercial establishment, the Guardia di Finanza officials found that over 10% of employees were employed undeclared, leading to the company being reported to the Labor Inspectorate of Catania for the suspension of entrepreneurial activity.

Diciassette lavoratori irregolari in un bar di Acireale, scatta una maxi sanzione

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