16-year-old boy tragically dies in Riposto after 3 days of agony

The young Giacomo Licciardello, only 16 years old, did not survive the tragic autonomous road accident that occurred late on Monday, around 10 pm, along State Road 114, in Guardia Mangano. After three days from the dramatic event, he died. There is a great mourning in the small community of the Carrubba fraction, where everyone has come together to support the family. Giacomo died as a result of the serious injuries sustained in the dramatic accident.

A student in the third year of the Nautical School in Riposto, Giacomo was riding his 125 Naked moped when suddenly, on the volcanic basalt, he lost control of his vehicle. According to the reconstruction, he would have flown about 20 meters before landing heavily on the basalt, fatally hitting his head. His helmet, which he regularly wore, was of little use, as confirmed by the arrival of the 118 emergency services. The medics immediately decided to take him, in code red, to the emergency room at Cannizzaro in Catania.

In the Intensive Care Unit, after two days he was already clinically brain dead, this afternoon (Friday 15 March) at 2 pm, after another electroencephalogram, it was decided to turn off life support as there was nothing more that could be done. The family agreed to the organ donation to save other lives.

Tragico incidente a Riposto, un ragazzo di 16 anni muore dopo 3 giorni di agonia

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