16 foreign boats discovered in Milazzo not declared to tax authorities

They hold pleasure boats registered in foreign registers, but do not declare them to the tax authorities. This is what the yellow flames of the operational naval section of Milazzo discovered, within the framework of Operation Hidden Yacht, which identified 16 pleasure boats flying foreign flags in the possession of Italian taxpayers who did not include them in their tax returns.

At the end of verifications and investigations, also using databases used by the body, 16 foreign-flagged boats (mainly France, Belgium, Poland, and the United Kingdom) not declared by the owners for one or more tax years were identified. The value of the assets hidden from the tax authorities, based on the total of the omitted years, amounts to more than 8 and a half million euros, with penalties ranging from 3% to 15% of the value of the undeclared assets for each tax year. The responsible parties were then reported to the competent territorial units, including a professional skipper who had permanently assigned the foreign naval unit to charter activities in territorial waters.

Milazzo, scoperte 16 barche straniere non dichiarate al fisco

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