14 lands seized in Troina due to scam for public funds

The financial police seized 14 plots of land in Troina, with a total area of over 84,000 square meters, belonging to a resident of the town accused of committing economic crimes, in particular aggravated fraud for obtaining public funding, which led to his arrest in 2022. The measure was issued by the Prevention Measures section of the Court of Caltanissetta, at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office of Enna, and carried out by the Nicosia branch of the financial police.

During the investigations, the financial police also noted and reported to the judicial authorities a significant discrepancy of over 400,000 euros between the numerous purchases of movable and immovable property made by the individual and the income declared to the tax authorities. Based on the provisions of the “anti-mafia laws and prevention measures code,” as well as the information provided by the financial police, the magistrates believed that the person under investigation was unable, given their declared income, to justify the legitimate origin of the assets that were seized.

Truffa per avere fondi pubblici, sequestrati 14 terreni a Troina

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