13 arrested for drug trafficking, arms possession, and extortion in Caltagirone and Fondi

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The article discusses 13 individuals who have been accused of drug trafficking aggravated by the use of weapons, extortion, self-laundering, and fraudulent transfer of goods. They have been targeted with a custody order issued by the judge of the court of Rome, at the request of the anti-mafia district prosecutor’s office of the Capital. The Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Latina and Catania are executing the order, with the support of the Carabinieri Aircraft Group of Pratica di Mare, the Canine Unit of Ponte Galeria, the technical department of the Ros, and the Carabinieri competent for the territory. Approximately 80 military personnel are involved in the operation, which is currently taking place in the cities of Fondi (Latina) and Caltagirone (Catania).

Droga, armi ed estorsioni: 13 arresti a Caltagirone e a Fondi

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