12 autopsies ordered for migrants who died at sea near Lampedusa

The prosecutor’s office of Agrigento has ordered autopsies for the bodies retrieved from Libyan waters by the NGOs Geo Barents and Ocean Viking. The autopsies will be carried out on twelve of the thirteen bodies, which will be taken to the morgue of the San Giovanni di Dio hospital as per the prefecture’s orders. It is necessary to determine the cause of death of the 12 migrants.

Only after exams and investigations are concluded, the bodies can be transferred to municipal cemeteries, which have made places available for burial upon request from Prefect Filippo Romano. Six will go to the province of Enna, two to the province of Caltanissetta, one to the province of Trapani, and the remaining 4 bodies will stay in Agrigento. The prefecture, throughout yesterday, was engaged in finding available places, also involving mayors from different provinces.

The thirteen bodies were loaded onto a ferry from Lampedusa, which will arrive in Porto Empedocle in the evening. In addition to the 11 bodies recovered the day before from the NGO Geo Barents vessel of Doctors without Borders and housed since yesterday afternoon in the headquarters of the marine protected area, the body that was hoisted aboard the Ocean Viking yesterday and transferred to a coast guard motorboat which took it to the largest of the Pelagie Islands will also be immediately transferred there. The small white coffin, until now kept in the morgue of the Cala Pisana cemetery, of the 5-month-old newborn daughter of Guineans, will also be boarded on the ferry. The baby, along with her seventeen-year-old mother and her two-year-old sister, were rescued on May 29 in Lampedusa by the German NGO Sos Humanity’s vessel Humanity1. According to the inspection of the body, the baby died of malnutrition.

Meanwhile, migrant landings continue in Lampedusa. 74 were rescued during the night off the island. Among them, there were also 20 Egyptians, Pakistanis, and Syrians rescued by the NGO Sea Punk1 vessel and transferred to a coast guard motorboat, which disembarked them at the Favaloro pier after midnight. Two of them were taken to the outpatient clinic, one of them having burns. On the other boat of 10 meters, which reportedly departed from Homs in Libya, there were 54 Bangladeshis, Egyptians, and Syrians. The vessel was spotted and rescued by a coast guard motorboat. Yesterday, there were 8 landings on the island, totaling 420 people. At the contrada Imbriacola hotspot, after the transfer of 200 migrants with the ferry that arrived at dawn in Porto Empedocle, there are currently 458 guests. For 300 of them, the transfer has been arranged with the ferry on which the 13 bodies were boarded.

I naufraghi trasportati morti a Lampedusa: la procura di Agrigento dispone dodici autopsie

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