109 entrants in the Monte Erice Race, Faggioli aims for 10th Tricolore

More than a week before the checks, 190 cars have already registered for the 65th Monte Erice race, which is part of the Italian mountain speed championship and also counts towards the Italian mountain speed trophy and the Sicilian mountain speed championship. Of the registered cars, there are 121 modern and 69 vintage vehicles. The leader of the championship, Simone Faggioli, will be participating in the race with his Norma M20 FC and will have the opportunity to secure the national title at the Erice circuit, where he has already won nine times in the past. Faggioli’s closest competitors will be Achille Lombardi and Luigi Fazzino, both driving Osella cars. Other notable participants include Lucio Peruggini, Samuele Cassiba, Giovanni Cassiba, and Martina Raiti.

Già 109 gli iscritti alla Monte Erice, Faggioli a caccia del decimo Tricolore

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