Young motorcyclist assaulted and video posted: two arrests in Catania

Two young men have been identified and reported for aggravated assault after they attacked and brutally beat a motorcyclist passing through Via Albertone Matteo in the Tondo Gioeni area of Catania, Italy on the night of August 26th and 27th. The video of the attack went viral on social media, showing the victim being knocked to the ground and repeatedly kicked and punched. Thanks to the footage, officers from the Borgo Ognina police station were able to identify the two assailants, both 23 and 20-year-old residents of Catania with no previous criminal records. The victim suffered multiple contusions and had to be transported by ambulance to the emergency room of the Policlinico hospital. The area where the violence occurred has since been subjected to increased police scrutiny, resulting in the identification of 167 individuals and 88 vehicles, with numerous traffic violations being sanctioned. Additionally, 16 individuals under restrictive personal freedom measures were also subjected to further checks, resulting in one man being reported for evading house arrest.

Picchiano un giovane motociclista e postano il video: scoperti, due denunce a Catania

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