Water crisis in Palermo: Water rationing begins as Amap considers more drastic measures.

The article explains the water crisis in Palermo, Italy, caused by leaking conduits and poor management of reservoirs, exacerbated by climate change. The water management company, Amap, has announced a rationing plan due to dwindling water reserves. The plan includes reducing water pressure in the network to conserve water until the next winter. Critical situations are reported in various reservoirs, with water levels significantly lower than the previous year. Amap is working with emergency water management authorities to implement water rationing measures, which may lead to water shortages during peak consumption hours. There is a possibility of further restrictions depending on the evolving water conditions in the coming months.

La crisi idrica a Palermo, scatta il razionamento dell’acqua: l’Amap non esclude misure più drastiche

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