Serradifalco mourns 30-year-old truck driver who died in accident. “Calogero, have a safe journey”

It was supposed to be a day of celebration but it turned into a tragedy. Calogero Pace, 30 years old, from Serradifalco, lost his life while riding his motorcycle. The young man suddenly crashed into a tow truck for reasons still to be determined. The accident occurred yesterday afternoon in the outskirts of the city.

Rescue efforts were futile. An ambulance and a patrol of carabinieri immediately arrived at the scene of the accident. Despite the rush to the Sant’Elia hospital in Caltanissetta, the medical staff could only declare the young man’s death. The young man, son of a truck driver, was also a driver and worked for a transport company. The news shocked the community of Serradifalco.

The carabinieri are trying to reconstruct the exact dynamics of what happened and ascertain the causes of the accident. They are trying to determine if there is any liability. The military have conducted the necessary investigations. No hypothesis is excluded regarding the causes of the terrible crash. Calogero was well known in Serradifalco. He was a cheerful young man always available to everyone. Many on social media expressed their condolences and support for the family throughout the afternoon yesterday. “Calogero, have a safe journey,” many wrote. One of the last photos posted by Calogero Pace on his Facebook profile probably encapsulates his passions: a motorcycle and a truck.

The news spread throughout the town in a few hours and left everyone who knew Calogero in shock. He is also remembered by the mayor of Serradifalco, Leonardo Burgio, in a post on his Facebook profile. “A day of celebration dedicated to the closing of Easter festivities, turned into tragedy for our community by an accident in which a young man from Serradifalco lost his life. With his 30 years full of vitality, Calogero was getting ready to enjoy a carefree moment on his motorcycle: fate stopped him and with him, it stopped the joy of this day. The first thought goes to him, to the commitment he expressed every day in his work, as the decent person he was. The other thought goes to his family and all those who loved him, who are experiencing the tragedy of a violent and incomprehensible separation. On behalf of myself, the municipal administration of Serradifalco, the president of the municipal council, and the council group “We Are Here,” I express the condolences of the entire community of the Municipality of Serradifalco.”

«Calogero, fai buon viaggio»: cordoglio a Serradifalco per l’autotrasportatore di trent’anni morto in un incidente

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