Restoration work underway at Taormina’s Ancient Theatre portico.

The restoration work on the “porticus post scaenam” at the Ancient Theatre of Taormina has begun. The project, financed by the Naxos Taormina Archaeological Park, aims to restore the rear of the stage facing south towards the impressive landscape of Mount Etna and the sea. The restoration is being carried out by the “Laboratorio per l’Architettura Storica stp srl” of Palermo, under the direction of architect Saverio Renda. American Express has also joined the project to support the architectural design study. The restoration is expected to be completed by the beginning of summer, allowing visitors to continue enjoying the site during the works. The scaffolding has been specially designed to protect the unique scenery, and the restoration will provide valuable insights into the building materials used in this section of the monument.

Taormina, al teatro Antico via ai lavori di restauro del portico post scena

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