Palermo booed and in free fall, but City renews trust in Corini

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The direct promotion is now a distant dream, with the team struggling to bounce back in emotionally tough moments and the fans expressing once again their dissatisfaction towards the coach. However, the City Group’s stance remains unchanged: Corini will continue until the end of the season with hopes of salvaging what is left, then the parties will part ways and Palermo will start anew with a new project, whether in Serie A or Serie B.

The 0-3 loss to Venezia marked the lowest point since Manchester’s ownership, with the team never losing so decisively at the Barbera stadium before. Despite the fans’ discontent, the coach’s replacement is not on the table. Corini himself has not even considered resigning, stating that he feels the trust of the players and the club and is ready to prepare for the remainder of the season.

The road ahead is uphill, with promotion out of reach and even a miracle needed for third or fourth place. The team’s fragility seen against Venezia suggests they lack the technical, athletic, and emotional tools for a comeback. Despite the fans’ support, the players and the club are facing criticism for the decline in performance and results.

The plan is to continue with Corini until the end of the season, with no changes during the break, but rather an attempt to regroup and find the unity needed for a positive result in the upcoming games. The current squad will have the difficult task of regaining their form and not losing further ground in the playoffs race. The Palermo fans have been through a nightmare since the Cremonese game, where they went from second place to a distant eight-point difference with Venezia. The only consistent factor seems to be the club’s leadership. Only time will tell if their decisions are the right ones.

Palermo fischiato e in caduta libera, ma il City rinnova la fiducia a Corini

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