Organ donor registry in Sicily now accessible at pharmacies

The article explains a new initiative to facilitate the registration of citizens in the Organ Donation Information System. Lions International district 108YB Sicily signed two agreements in Palermo with the Regional Transplant Center, Federfarma, and the Regional School Office. Thanks to the collaboration with Federfarma, Sicilians can now go to their trusted pharmacies to fill out the declaration of willingness to donate organs, which will then be transmitted to the donor registry. The goal is to inform people about organ donation and dispel misconceptions. The involvement of pharmacists and the school system is seen as key to spreading correct information and encouraging more people to become donors. In 2023, there were over 2,000 organ donors and nearly 15,000 tissue donors, resulting in thousands of successful transplants. The emphasis is on continuing to promote organ donation and overcoming mental barriers to save lives.

In Sicilia un registro per favorire le donazioni di organi: ora i cittadini potranno rivolgersi anche alle farmacie

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