Inauguration of Igor Scalisi Palminteri’s mural in Castronovo di Sicilia for San Vitale festival

An annual event that takes place during the patron saint feast in Castronovo di Sicilia in honor of San Vitale, this year takes on a special meaning due to the presence of authoritative figures during the Holy Procession. Tomorrow (March 9), 1030 years after his death, Castronovo is preparing to celebrate its patron saint in a solemn manner, carrying His Relics in procession in the presence of communities returning on pilgrimage from Armento, Roccabernarda and San Chirico in Basilicata, as well as Monsignor Corrado Lorefice, Archbishop of Palermo.

The occasion will also serve to inaugurate the 25 milestone stones that will mark the route of the “Sicilian Traverse” and the “Magna Via Francigena” and the 16 canvases that will be placed at Palazzo Giandalia and will be the basis for creating the first Archaeological Museum of Castronovo, with the aim of giving prestige to our history and boosting our tourism and cultural sector.

Furthermore, the day will see the inauguration of the mural by artist Igor Scalisi Palminteri, titled “Sister Water,” which is in line with the administration’s tourism development project that re-functionalizes urban spaces into artistic attractions. The mural, located near the Fonte Regio, a symbolic place in the village, pays homage to the element of water, a source of life and inspiration for the artist. The work will be presented to the public on Saturday, March 9th and was funded by the municipal administration through the participatory democracy project awarded by the Innesti association of Castronovo di Sicilia.

Various events are planned for March 9th in celebration of the Feast of the Patron Saint of Castronovo di Sicilia, San Vitale. These include an artistic exhibition titled “The Yellow of Castronovo,” the presentation of the book “Vitale from Castronovo 919-994,” the commemoration of the twinning with the municipality of Armento, and a eucharistic celebration presided over by Archbishop Corrado Lorefice, concluding with a solemn procession of the simulacrum of San Vitale with the relics of the Saint from Armento and a fireworks show to close the festivities.

Castronovo di Sicilia: per la festa di San Vitale l’inaugurazione del murales di Igor Scalisi Palminteri

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