Controversy over naming Partinico high school after Impastato: principal speaks out against external interference

The article explains that the Liceo Scientifico “Santi Savarino” is claiming its decision-making autonomy and rejecting external interference in the choice of the new name for the school, as the fight against the mafia is seen as a guiding principle for the new generations. The school’s principal, Lucia La Fata, confirmed the decision to rename the institute to Liceo statale Felicia e Peppino Impastato on March 7th, following a democratic process within the school’s designated bodies. The article also mentions the debate within the school’s council about potentially naming the school after Rosario Livatino instead, but the majority ultimately decided to proceed with the naming after Felicia and Peppino Impastato. The school emphasizes its commitment to educating students about values such as freedom of expression, critical thinking, and the importance of fighting against all forms of mafia, as well as environmental respect and human rights. The school asserts its decision-making autonomy and rejects external interference.

La polemica sul liceo di Partinico da intitolare a Impastato, la preside rompe il silenzio: «Non accettiamo ingerenze esterne»

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