Competitions for 316 places at the University of Palermo a strong strengthening of both the Administration and the Departments

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Palermo, July 14, 2022-University of Palermo launches the most important recruitment plan for technical, administrative, librarian and social-health personnel in its history.
It does so through a planning resolution that aims to reverse the ten-year trend that has led to a strong shrinkage of personnel, labeled by many over time as a real hemorrhage.

The resolution provides for the hiring of 158 people through competitions for categories B, C, D and EP.

“The new staff hires – declares the Rector prof.
Massimo Midiri – will increase the number of employees of the University by almost 15% and will make it possible to strengthen and strengthen both the activities of the Departments and those of the Central Administration.
This is an extraordinary commitment for the University of Palermo, largely supported by University resources, but also made possible by the use of a significant portion of the Extraordinary Plan for the strengthening of university staff approved last month by decree of the Minister of the Maria Cristina Messa University ”.

The choice made by the University Administration, shared and endorsed by the Board of Directors, provides for the allocation of most of the resources, 60%, to the departmental structures, confirming a guideline, clearly expressed in the Rector’s electoral program, strongly oriented towards the strengthening of these structures, the vital fulcrum of the University’s institutional activity.

The resolution also sees a strong focus on the legitimate career expectations of the staff already in service, for which an additional 158 reserved competitions are envisaged, taking full advantage of the possibility of Vertical Economic Progressions provided for by Legislative Decree 80/2021.
The resolution will also allow for the stabilization of precarious personnel in possession of the requisites envisaged by the Madia Law and for a strong strengthening of the scientific and educational laboratories, which will be equipped with new expert and competent technical personnel.

The new procedures will be banned as quickly as possible, hoping for the new recruited staff to be put into service by the autumn and proceeding immediately to the vertical progressions for the staff in service.

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