Black Prince’s new single ‘Sicilian Education’ tells the story of Catania’s suburbs

The article discusses the upcoming single “Educazione Siciliana” by Black Prince featuring Shaka Muni and Enzo Benz, set to be released on March 8, 2024 on all major music streaming platforms. The song delves into the social and structural aspects of the outskirts of Catania, portraying the struggles and challenges faced in these areas but also highlighting the hope and resilience found through music. The lyrics make references to Tony Montana from the movie Scarface, symbolizing the difficulties encountered in suburban neighborhoods like Catania. The artists behind the single aim to bring attention to these often overlooked contexts and to ignite a new rap scene that reaches beyond Sicily. The song marks Black Prince’s return to the music scene, joined by Enzo Benz and Shaka Muni, both known for their unique styles and experiences. Black Prince, originally from the Gambia, has been a key figure in the Sicilian rap scene, incorporating his multicultural background into his artistry. Despite facing personal struggles, he has used music as a means of redemption and self-expression. After taking a hiatus to refine his skills and address personal issues, Black Prince is now ready to immerse himself in music once again. “Educazione Siciliana” is set to be released on March 8, 2024.

Educazione Siciliana, il nuovo singolo di Black Prince racconta la periferia di Catania

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