Accident in Bosurgi tunnel, Messina: one injured and traffic blocked

Explain to me briefly the following article: Still an accident in Messina, on the Stretto scenic route. According to a first reconstruction, the driver of a car, while traveling through the Bosurgi tunnel, would have lost control of the car which overturned. The man remained inside the car and immediately the motorists who were on that road alerted the emergency services. An ambulance arrived at the scene of the accident, the medical staff provided first aid and transferred the injured man to the hospital. Inevitably, a lot of traffic was created towards Messina, with many cars queued up. In a short time, a long tail formed while the traffic was diverted along the Consolare Pompea road by the metropolitan police who had meanwhile arrived at the scene of the accident. The officers carried out the necessary investigations to understand the exact dynamics of the accident. The situation concerning traffic returned to normal after the investigations were carried out, the vehicle was removed from the road, and the road was secured.

Messina, incidente all’interno della galleria Bosurgi: un ferito e traffico bloccato

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