32-year-old man arrested in Brancaccio with 100 doses of hashish and cash in Palermo

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A thirty-two-year-old man from Palermo named E.C. was arrested by the carabinieri in the Brancaccio neighborhood of Palermo after being found with one hundred doses of hashish ready for distribution and hundreds of euros in cash. The military officers stopped him while he was riding a motorcycle on Viale Di Vittorio, near the comprehensive institute, and conducted a search. The drugs and money were confiscated, believed to be the proceeds of drug trafficking. This is just one of many drug-related arrests in the neighborhood, where the presence of drug dealers is constant despite numerous police raids. In a recent case, a man and a woman were arrested for trafficking crack and cocaine from their home, where police dogs Cheyenne and Ulla signaled the possible presence of drugs in a garage. In another incident, investigations into a mafia family in Brancaccio revealed a marijuana indoor farm in a warehouse on Via Decollati. During the operation, individuals were overheard discussing hydroponic cultivation techniques for marijuana plants. Additionally, a young man was arrested recently for concealing crack inside an e-cigarette. The police in Brancaccio searched the man on a motorcycle and made the arrest.

Palermo, trovato a Brancaccio con cento dosi di hashish e soldi in contanti: arrestato un uomo di 32 anni

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