16-month-old girl in Comiso finds and swallows hashish in the public park: saved by doctors

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While playing, a little girl found a small cylinder hidden under the slide. She grabbed it and put it in her mouth, swallowing it. A tragedy was narrowly averted at the municipal park in Comiso, where a 16-month-old girl ingested a piece of hashish. Her mother noticed what was happening and immediately assisted her, later sounding the alarm and allowing emergency responders to intervene promptly. The child was treated by doctors at the Vittoria hospital, but the risk was enormous.

The incident was brought to light by the municipal councilor of Coraggio Comiso, Salvo Liuzzo. “We are all aware of the problems related to micro-criminality that plague Comiso almost daily. The phenomenon generates great concern among Comiso families. However, the day before yesterday, I believe that every limit of tolerability was surpassed. Naturally, no specific responsibility can be attributed to the municipal administration. But on the issue of security, from the ongoing inertia of Mayor Schembari’s administration, we have moved to reticence: a mayor has the duty to denounce and alert citizens, in order to watch over their children who are no longer safe even in places dedicated to them.”

“A mayor,” continues the councilor, “has the duty to denounce an episode like this one (I know for certain that the mayor was informed) and must decontaminate the municipal park and all places frequented by children. A mayor must take action by implementing every useful tool to counteract this trend. Including a decisive stance in dialogue with the prefecture of Ragusa, which cannot intervene sporadically only when critical situations occur. Returning to the incident of the day before yesterday, which fortunately did not turn into a tragedy, what happens at the municipal park is public knowledge. We would expect greater concreteness from the municipal administration. Concreteness that does not arrive. The issue of security has become an emergency, and certainly, it is not by hiding certain episodes from public opinion that contributes to solving the problem.”

Comiso, bimba di 16 mesi trova e inghiotte hashish alla villa comunale: salvata dai medici

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