Ztl: in Palermo suspended until April 26 – Sicily

Lega, no communication was given

(ANSA) – PALERMO, APRIL 06 – The Municipal Council of Palermo has suspended the daytime Ztl until Monday April 26 inclusive, except for further extensions. The previous suspension expired yesterday. The night Ztl is always suspended.

The leader of the League in the council commune Igor Gelarda and the head of the Youth League Palermo Elisabetta Luparello say: “Realizing that he had done a serious nonsense with the reactivation of the Ztl, the councilor Catania runs for cover and suspends it. They tell us that it was just a glitch.

Meanwhile this morning some people had to buy the day pass, others were in total confusion. And then if they had intended to suspend it because they did not give any official communication outside? To the newspapers or to Palermo? “. (ANSA).