Zaki, Raizes Teatro and Comune Palermo campaign starts

Palermo, Feb 26 (Adnkronos) – The Municipality of Palermo and the Department of Cultures, in collaboration with the Raizes Teatro company, have inaugurated a new campaign in support and remembrance of the human journey of six representatives of the struggle for human rights and peacemakers: Patrick Zaki, Marielle Franco, Shady Habash, Nasrin Sotoudeh, Salvatore Gurreri, Loujain Alhathlou, Willy Monteiro Duarte. Yesterday, from one of the main balconies of Palazzo delle Aquile, the representative office of the Municipality, a blow-up depicting Patrick Zaki was exhibited, of which the association and the administration are asking for his release. Patrick Zaki, an Egyptian activist and researcher, has been in pre-trial detention in Egypt since February 8, 2020 until a date to be determined.

From Monday 1 March the posters of all six activists will peacefully invade the city. The illustrator who created the six posters is the actress Marina Mazzamuto, member of Raizes Teatro. It was precisely the well-known Palermo company, founded by Alessandro Ienzi, that conceived the dissemination campaign. “Our goal is to communicate that freedom exists, it is within us and this is how we must think of our society: free – says Ienzi -. Spreading positive role models like these six peacemakers is an important step. The posters bear their names. Let’s take an interest in their stories and think about what they can teach us. We found an important support in the mayor Orlando, who has always been committed to human rights, in the councilor Mario Zito and in the administration, who enthusiastically embraced the initiative, making the exhibition spaces available. We continue to sow “.

“These activists are an example of civilization and freedom – says Marina Mazzamuto -; in each poster, in addition to their faces and their names, I have inserted symbols, a hint of history, an element that also tells of the freedom or right that each of them protects with their own activity. Zaki’s mouth, for example, is locked by the key of whoever is trying to avoid that, with his words and his studies, Patrick can become the promoter of freedom and right that he is “. On 11 March, at 6 pm, Raizes Teatro will stream a performance dedicated to the six peacemakers. The performance art will be broadcast on social channels and on the company’s website. In the coming months Raizes Teatro will lead a campaign on justice shared by Avant Garde Lawyers, an NGO of lawyers led by Andrà Matei, who in Paris offers legal assistance to artists who are deprived of civil rights and freedom of expression in the world and who had already assisted Shady Habash, who died on May 1, 2020 in Tora prison in Cairo.

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