Young woman dies in Ramacca, boyfriend’s friend claims innocence: “This is how it happened…”

The boyfriend, Gheorghe Ciprian Apetrei, 33 years old, chooses not to answer, while his friend, Costel Balan, 31 years old, speaks and reiterates his innocence in the contested events, providing his version. This is the different strategy taken before the investigating magistrate by the two Romanians arrested for the murder of 25-year-old Moldovan Vera Schiopu, found hanged three days ago in a farmhouse in contrada Sferro, Ramacca, in the province of Catania. The defense line was decided together with their lawyer, attorney Alessandro La Pertosa, a criminal lawyer for Balan for years, who will soon leave the defense of Apetrei due to opportunities and incompatibilities. Balan reconstructs the day of the Moldovan woman’s death, who lived with the 33-year-old in a farmhouse that had been provided for him to act as a caretaker of the property, since he had previously suffered thefts. According to his version, the two were often drunk and were also drunk last Saturday. During an argument outdoors, the woman reportedly fell to the ground and hit her head, causing bleeding. Knowing the young woman’s reluctance to talk about her relationship with her boyfriend, Balan left them both there and walked away. Then, Balan explained in detail the movements he made that day: from 1 pm to 5 pm, he was in Paternò with friends whose identities he provided. He said he returned to the countryside around 5:20 pm and saw an intoxicated Apetrei looking for his girlfriend, and then heard him screaming from the farmhouse where the woman’s body was found. He went there and saw Vera with a rope around her neck, which seemed like a suicide to him, but for the prosecution, it was just a staged scene. So, he called for an ambulance. When the 118 staff arrived, the carabinieri also arrived and immediately suspected it was a staged scene. Further investigations carried out by the military of the Scientific Investigations Section of the provincial command of Catania and the medical examiner confirmed that the woman did not commit suicide and that it was a staged scene. The investigating magistrate retired for deliberation. In the photo, taken from the young woman’s Facebook profile, Vera Schiopu and Gheorghe Ciprian Apetrei.

La giovane morta a Ramacca, l’amico del fidanzato si dichiara estraneo: «Ecco com’è andata…»

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