Young man from Caltanissetta arrested for repeatedly beating and threatening ex-girlfriend

For years, before his arrest, he had made her life a living hell. Through beatings, even breaking her finger once, and at one point, in front of their daughter, he squeezed her neck until she lost consciousness. Even when she was pregnant, he forced her to go to the emergency room. He also verbally abused and humiliated her. Finally, she had enough and went to the police. Within a few days, she filed two complaints against her ex-partner. He was arrested for family abuse and put on house arrest. The couple had constant fights due to his drug use and jealousy. He had physically abused her multiple times, even choking her in front of their crying daughter. He also used offensive language and threatened to set them on fire. Despite downplaying the accusations, he was given house arrest with an electronic bracelet by the judge.

«Ti brucio viva»: a Caltanissetta giovane arrestato per le continue botte e minacce all’ex compagna

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