Young licatese transferred to Ismett for chest trauma it is serious

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The young man from Licata, a Smart passenger, involved in a road accident that occurred last year in via Caduti in Guerra, in the district “Fondachello “, In Licata.
After a first admission to the “San Giacomo d’Altopasso” hospital in Licata, the doctors on duty, assessed the serious trauma, decided to be admitted to a better equipped health facility.
The boy was diagnosed with abdominal trauma.

Life prognosis remains confidential.
The friend and driver of the small car, also from Licata, on the other hand, suffered a fractured arm, but the emergency room doctors also had to apply several stitches to the limb.
Driving the car, he collided with a BMW, parked on the side of the road, and after a carambulation, he hit the fence of a small house in the area.
The carabinieri carried out the surveys, and now they are trying to reconstruct the dynamics of the crash.


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