Young driver’s car catches fire while driving in Messina, causing fear

A young man in Messina had a scary moment when his car caught fire while driving on Viale Palatucci. Smoke appeared first, followed by flames quickly engulfing the front of the vehicle. Despite panicking, the driver swiftly moved away and saved himself. Firefighters and paramedics arrived at the scene after the alarm was raised, as the young man was in shock. The car is believed to have caught fire due to a short circuit. A similar incident occurred a few days ago in Sant’Agata, also in the Messina area. A woman was driving her Y10 car and had just parked near a pharmacy on the circumvallation road when she noticed smoke coming out of the engine compartment. Within moments, the fire spread and completely destroyed the vehicle. The driver in this case was also aided by paramedics.

Messina, la sua auto va in fiamme mentre è in marcia: paura per un giovane

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