“You are in Erice, kissing is mandatory here”

The signs will be installed by the municipal administration

ERICE (TRAPANI) – Erice is already a city of science and peace but also tries to apply as a city of love. On the initiative of the municipal administration, led by the mayor Daniela Toscano, in a few days the famous Balio di Erice will be installed in the garden at the top, some signs that will “force” anyone who finds themselves walking in that already romantic garden of hers, to kiss . “Erice, obligation to kiss” is, in fact, the words that will read the signs.

“Clearly it wants to be an invitation to love, even beyond prejudices, in a splendid setting like that of the Balio Gardens which, in recent weeks, have been the subject of maintenance, restyling and planting of beautiful flowers”, Toscano states that the initiative is not only addressed to the citizens of Erice “but also to tourists who, we hope, will soon return to visit our wonderful village. Many of them, especially the younger ones, I am sure, will take the opportunity to take a ‘selfie’ – again the mayor – right under that sign, against the backdrop of the wonderful panorama that Erice offers ”.

An extra attraction, an extra distinctive sign for one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The Balio garden has recently undergone a complete overhaul. The water and irrigation systems were repaired, the pruning of the Buxus sempervirens and Buxus balearicus hedges was carried out, the cleaning of the flower beds and the planting of flowering bands, fragrant roses, porcelain camellias, triumphant wisteria, white viburnums, ancient chaste trees blue typical of monasteries, lianose scented with honeysuckle and asparagus on board the less safe areas. To complete the work there is a temporary Dimofoteca carpet in various colors. Erice had the opportunity to join the Grandi Giardini Italian circuit, a cultural company operating in the environment, landscape and cultural heritage sector, which has been promoting knowledge of gardens in Italy and abroad for over 24 years. that can be visited on the network.

The sign with the obligation to kiss will probably make very young people talk and not only. Will it become the new tourist brand of Erice? “For the moment, the initiative will only concern the Balio Gardens – specifies the Mayor – one of the symbols of Erice: it is as if the message concerned the entire territory. We do not exclude, for the future, the possibility of installing the signs in other places ”.

And how do we put it with those who will be able to turn up their noses for the invitation to kiss in time of Covid? Aren’t you committing an own goal? “I would say no. Indeed, also in consideration of the fact that the epidemiological situation seems to be improving and the vaccination campaign is proceeding swiftly, we would like a message of hope and optimism to be sent from Erice. And then, after all, just as depicted in the sign, the kiss is about lovers. We therefore do not believe that this is a misleading message. As mentioned, it is an invitation to love ”.

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