Ylenia Bonavera, the former friend sentenced to 18 years in prison

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Daniela Agata Nicotra was sentenced to 18 years in prison in the trial for the murder of Ylenia Bonavera, the young Messina woman who died at 26 in Catania.
The young woman died in hospital following an assault with a knife at the height of a street dispute that took place in December 2020.
The sentence is of the gup of Catania in the trial with shortened procedure.
The judge has also ordered a provisional amount of 30 thousand euros for the young woman’s mother.

The prosecutor had asked for a 20-year sentence.
Ylenia Bonavera, a tormented past, had been at the center of a news case that took place in Messina.
Her ex-boyfriend went on trial, accused of throwing gasoline at her, which caused burns.
Daniela Nicotra was a friend of Ylenia.

The attack took place on the street in the San Cristoforo district in Catania, where the young woman had moved.
A video, which was examined by the investigators, took a few moments of what happened that evening.
Ylenia accompanied by a friend, she arrived ‘bleeding at the Garibaldi hospital, where she then died’.

News from Sicily 2022-06-20 17:01:00

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