“Yesterday you smeared the dead, today abortions scandalize you”

Editorial staff 29 September 2021 10:10

Share “Yesterday you smeared the dead, today abortions scandalize you”. This is what we read in the banner that appeared during the night outside the Department of Health of the Region, in Piazza Ziino. The initiative is by the students of the newborn Collettivo Medusa who respond to the councilor Razza, for whom “in Sicily there are not very different situations from other Italian regions”. The students retort: ​​”The conscientious objection rate among gynecologists in Sicily is close to 83%, in several municipalities it reaches 100%. Across the Region there are only 12 points where it is possible to have an abortion. Affirm that in Sicily it is not possible to abort. there is an emergency situation is insane, and it is absolutely functional not to lift a finger to change the situation “. “The assessor’s statements do not end here. Razza – the students report – also expressed a moral judgment on abortion: ‘Having said that, I think that any abortion that is not dictated by health reasons is a defeat for the community'”. Words that are defined as “unacceptable” by the Medusa collective: “The real defeat for the community is that a health councilor, instead of thinking about guaranteeing a health service to the townspeople, thinks he has to dispense moral judgments about our bodies and our choices. But with what courage then? Let’s remember that a few months ago Razza was forced to resign because he said on the phone that he wanted to ‘spread the dead’ to avoid the red zone. The councilor Razza grants us moral pardon only in cases of health; perhaps forget that female unemployment rates in Sicily are the highest in Europe, perhaps forget that access to contraception – which should be free according to law 194 – is a right of the few, not to mention non-existent sex education in The Race declaration is yet another example of a patriarchal system perched in the palaces of power, which relegates us to forced motherhood and which thinks it can impose choices on our bodies. We had already identified him as an enemy of the Sicilians, now we decree him an enemy of women “.

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