Yellowish water in the Lombard district, compliant samples: the supply has been enhanced

The technical interventions of the last few days have been completed, carried out in a succession of operations: from the mapping of the pipes, to the verification of the systems, to the replacement of damaged valves and gate valves that had resulted in the ‘blocking’ of some lines that no longer provided supply to the power supply of portions of the same Lombard district, with particular inconvenience for the houses located on the higher floors.

Today, according to what was communicated by Amam, downstream of the operations on networks and plants, carried out without interruption, the water distribution in the Lombard district takes place with a higher hourly extension than before. In fact, we have gone from the distribution range 8.00 – 12.00 to the current 6.00 -18.00, with a higher flow rate, higher pressure and constant supply mode for all the time. “We are satisfied with this intervention – says the President of Amam, Loredana Bonasera – because it solves a long-standing problem, reported several times and to which this Administration has deemed it necessary to give top priority, without prejudice to the objective of strengthening water distribution in all areas. criticism of the city ” The reactivation of disused lines and the replacements made in the Lombard district have caused a temporary flow of ‘yellowish’ water in some homes. However, even the last cycle of analysis (according to the routine foreseen in cases like this one) showed the perfect conformity to the standard of the samples taken even after the operations have been completed. “Definitely positive – concludes the top of the board of Amam – also the feedback we are receiving from the inhabitants of the populous district, which signal to us the return to normality of the quality of the water supplied and also the effective strengthening of the service, by now, for 12 consecutive hours “

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