Yacht connection: Spielberg’s and Taylor’s stay in Eolie.

The Aeolian Islands continue to attract mega yachts and VIPs. The 86-meter yacht “Man of Steel” was spotted between Panarea and Stromboli. Previously owned by Steven Spielberg, it was sold to Canadian billionaire Barry Zekelman and renamed “Man of Steel”. The yacht can accommodate 12 people with a crew of 26 and has a value of $150 million. Another yacht, “Cacouna”, owned by Leslie Irvin Leroy, a famous stuntman, was anchored in Filicudi. Leroy was the inventor of the classic aviator jacket and had lent his yacht to Liz Taylor for her honeymoon. Comedian Frank Matano and songwriter Tommaso Paradiso were also seen with their girlfriends in a 20-meter caicco, visiting different islands. Additionally, “Bayesian”, a 56-meter yacht with unique features such as the largest aluminum mast in the world, was docked in Capo faro, Salina. “K2”, a 50-meter yacht with a vertical bow and sleek design, was spotted in Lipari. It can accommodate 11 guests and has a crew of 11.

Alle Eolie lo yacht che appartenne a Steven Spielberg e quello che ospitò Liz Taylor

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