World water summit, Amap from Palermo flies to Israel

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A delegation of AMAP participated in the last days in Tel Aviv in Israel at the Water Innovation Technology Summit, together with other 21 public and private companies in the Italian and foreign water sector.
Just as our country is facing the worst drought in recent decades, the meeting represented an opportunity to study the technological and management solutions adopted in Israel to make the most of water resources and to raise awareness of the design and programming activities carried out.
by Amap with funds from the PNRR and other European resources.

The representatives of AMAP (the Sole Director Alessandro Di Martino, the manager of the distribution area Antonio Criminisi and the manager of the purification area Giovanni Sciortino were present) met with those of Mekorot, the Israeli national water company that every year supplies to the population about 1.7 billion cubic meters of water.
Attention was focused in particular on two aspects of the industrial process: the reuse of waste water (about 90% of the purified water is in fact destined for irrigation) and the monitoring and emergency response systems for network maintenance ( in Israel, no more than 2% of the water fed into the networks is wasted).

“During the meetings – says Alessandro Di Martino – two key elements of Israel’s undisputed success in the management of water resources were evident: the importance of public investments for the continuous improvement and strengthening of networks and technological innovation applied to all levels of processes.
These are precisely the guidelines of the programming made by AMAP in recent years, with the impetus given to design activities.
” During the meetings, which also involved some start-ups that provide innovative services to Mekorot, issues related to the development of a safe water cycle for users through new digital technologies, for example through use and analysis of satellite data to identify leaks and infiltration risks or through the use of portable pollutant detectors for early identification of potential risks.

In the coming weeks, a delegation from Mekorot and Israeli start-ups will be in Palermo to study the design activity carried out by Amap for the upgrading of plants and networks and for the use of the Internet of Things in the management of the integrated water system.
“AMAP is particularly careful – Di Martino affirms – to work in a network with all public entities involved at international level in the management processes of the water service.
We are at a European level, with the participation in AquaPublica, the European network of public water management companies and now also through the dialogue with Mekorot which certainly represents excellence.


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