World Water Day 2021 at Kore: enhancing water – EnnaOra

The “Kore” University of Enna celebrated the World Water Day 2021. In fact, as part of the teaching of “Didactics of Sciences” of the degree course in Primary Education, the focus theme of this edition: ENHANCING WATER (obviously, in full compliance with the protocols in place to deal with the Covid-19 emergency); this in order to help provide students with the basic tools to understand the scientific and regulatory aspects related to water resources and to allow them to acquire a systemic and, therefore interconnected, view of the related environmental implications. Also, gods were provided tool, useful for the design and management of educational paths for kindergarten and primary school, relating to the issue of water resource management with the aim of contributing to educating schoolchildren to the awareness that each of our actions and choices has a cost also environmental, for which it is essential to orient oneself towards a critical, responsible and sustainable use of water and, in a broader sense, of all natural resources.

During the virtual event, Vito Restivo della Lay Volunteers International Association, who talked about his activities in Latin America and Africa with a view to achieving goal 6 (clean water and sanitation for all) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, also showing his video footage of great emotional impact, and Marinella Adamo, Headmaster of the Comprehensive Institute “FP Neglia – N. Savarese” who participates in the annual project of Education for Sustainable Development “Acqua & Clima” led by “Kore”, who recalled the fundamental passionate role and authentic of the teacher in educating pupils to exercise full citizenship; finally, the pupils of the fourth grades of the primary school of this Comprehensive Institute (accompanied by their teachers: Rosa Barrile, Concetta Campanile, Maria Di Dio, Cettina D ‘Urso, Francesco Falcone, Mariella Incarbona, Gina Gloria, Rosa Maria L’Acqua, Cristina La Monica, M. Rita La Vigna, Lucrezia Messina, Cinzia Oieni, Maria Letizia Scavuzzo and Loredana Virzì) actively took part with theexhibit the results of their activities carried out during the aforementioned project.

“The UN with the celebration of this Day strongly asks the world for a political commitment and active citizenship in order to remind us of the value of water which is much more than its price, because water is essential for our domestic life, our means of subsistence and our well-being, as well as for the integrity of the natural environment ”recalls Rosa Termine, Biologist at Kore.

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