World Heart Day is also celebrated in Catania

World Heart Day is a global campaign in which individuals, families, communities and governments around the world participate in activities to care for their own heart health and that of others. The Italian Association of Heart and Reanimation Lorenzo Greco Onlus, as a national member of the World Heart Federation, has organized 4 appointments in Italy in 4 squares, including Catania in Piazza Università, from 8.30 to 18.30. There will be meetings to raise awareness on cardiovascular diseases, the importance of physical activity, healthy nutrition, the risks of smoking and the abuse of alcoholic substances. Electrocardiographic tests, blood glucose checks, vital signs assessments and bmi will be performed. Lessons in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and use of the defibrillator in the light of the recent law that liberalizes the use of the precious life-saving tool. It will also be possible to donate blood and, in collaboration with the Health Authorities and the commissarial structures, it will also be possible to carry out vaccines and tampons while continuing to support the national campaign. Lectures, respecting the distancing, will involve students of the invited schools and citizens. Marcello Segre, President of the Italian Association of Heart and Reanimation Lorenzo Greco Onlus, underlined by presenting the event “thanks to the availability of the Barresi family, the Sicily Life Project after some interventions in Palermo brings its experience and its mission to Catania by creating a unique event for the city.

Il Cuore di Raffale ETS will become a new virtuous example of commitment to the health of citizens and the spread of the culture of early defibrillation starting from the new generations. The format of the World Heart Day, now consolidated in Turin, immediately found several partners to set up a real heart village in Piazza Università. From cardiological tests to lectures and checks for diabetes, blood donation and the commitment of young nurses to teach cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the use of the Defibrillator. The extraordinary effort has seen immediate recognition and support at national and local level … Marcello Segre wanted to specify “we trust in the participation of schools and citizens because in this particular moment heart health is more crucial than ever” In Italy cardiac arrest over 60 thousand people a year “Marcello Segre wanted to point out the first cause of sudden death and every minute that passes 10% of life is lost. Anyone can intervene with a heart massage, but it is the defibrillator that makes the heart restart. We teach it in schools also thanks to the new law recently approved that will allow us to effectively fight cardiac arrest. Everyone will be able to learn it in the Italian squares with special mannequins and devices dedicated to teaching. ” Main partner of the Project is Global Thinking Foundation, a non-profit organization for social inclusion and gender equality, with the Italian Association of Heart and Reanimation Lorenzo Greco Onlus which will be present on 29 September for World Heart Day in four different cities. Italian: in Rome in Piazza del Popolo, in Turin in Piazza San Carlo and Via Roma, in Catania in Piazza Università and in Piacenza in Piazza Cavalli. The Global Thinking Foundation’s support for this important initiative is part of the ImmagineAMO Sostenibile activities. Born in 2019, the project is aimed at young people, to combat situations of educational poverty and to reduce the differential not only of gender, but also of territorial, knowledge in skills on the issues of sustainability, economy, society still very widespread in our country, promoting empowerment, empowerment and awareness. Claudia Segre, President of the Global Thinking Foundation, said: “Raising awareness of the importance of prevention and awareness within society is one of our sustainability goals. Goal 3 concerning Health and Wellness sees us committed to spreading a culture of defibrillation that is linked to the safeguarding of the common social good and which involves the new generations in a path of active citizenship. In September we donated a defibrillator in memory of the young Raffaele Barresi, at the Pizzigoni-Carducci Comprehensive Institute together with the President of the Italian Heart Reanimation Association “Lorenzo Greco” Onlus, Marcello Segre, and the Barresi Family – Il Cuore di Raffaele: now we are ready to bring prevention to the squares of Rome, Catania, Turin and Piacenza, with the aim of establishing a profound and profitable dialogue with citizens, institutions and schools. ” Antonio Barresi, Founder of Il Cuore di Raffaele and historical partner of AICR Onlus declares: “Il Cuore di Raffaele, founded with my wife Maria and my daughter Roberta, immediately accepted the invitation of the Italian Association of Heart and Reanimation Lorenzo Greco Onlus with which we share the same purposes. We are honored to bring World Heart Day, for the first time, to the University Square in Catania. We are extremely grateful for the participation of doctors and nurses from Arnas Garibaldi and the 118 service and local associations, who promptly made the cause their own, because without their skills we would not have been able to organize this splendid moment for the citizens of Catania. The slogan of this day is: “Use your heart to connect”! Here, it is about connecting with our hearts, making sure we feed and nourish them in the best possible way and use the power of knowledge sharing to be able to care for every heart, everywhere. The Day of the Heart represents a starting point for our association, in fact we will strive to carry on the Youth Life Project “in the schools of Catania, because we want to pay attention to the health of young people and raise awareness of the culture of using the defibrillator.” Pino Liberti, Covid Catania Emergency Commissioner, said: “The Covid emergency has, unfortunately, led to delays in diagnoses, intermittent treatments and in many cases even renouncing treatment. Wednesday’s initiative, which sees the presence of the mobile structure of the Covid emergency office, is a concrete example of how it is possible to combine the vaccination campaign and prevention activities, with the aim of returning to normal health care soon. ” The Catania partners of the World Heart Day are: THE HEART OF RAFFAELE LIFE PROJECT SICILY SAN MARCO BLOOD DONATION 118 ARNAS GARIBALDI ANPAS REGIONAL COMMITTEE SICILY AIDF DIABETES YOUTH CONSULT ORDER OF NURSING PROFESSIONS ROOMY VOLLEYBALL ASD LOTTA CLUB JONIO LA SCEGLITRA LIBERI

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