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World Autism Day, Pope Francis welcomes Sicilians

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Tomorrow, April 2, the World Autism Day is celebrated, established by the United Nations to call the attention due to people with autism and the different aspects of their condition all over the world.
On the eve, Pope Francis addresses and welcomes representatives, exponents and those who live in contact with this reality.
Among these also the Sicilians.
Received, among others, the senator of Italia Viva and candidate for mayor of Palermo Davide Faraone and his daughter.

The note from the Holy See reads: “You involve researchers, doctors, psychologists, organizations and family associations, which since 2015 have set themselves the common goal of promoting a culture in favor of people on the autism spectrum and with intellectual disabilities.
Today, more than ever, the topics and issues your Foundation addresses are of vital importance.
Indeed, by carrying out research projects and initiatives in favor of the weakest and most disadvantaged, you are making a valid contribution to the fight against the throwaway culture (cf.
Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, 53), which is so widespread in our society.
too intent on competition and profit.
We are victims of this throwaway culture ”.

The Holy Father then shares some lines of reflection and commitment divided into four points: The culture of inclusion and belonging against the culture of waste; the partecipation; networking and a solidarity economy.

Pharaoh’s appeal

On 2 April, World Autism Awareness Day, the most important Italian monuments will light up blue to inform the population about autism issues.
On the occasion of this day, in 2022, the awareness and fundraising campaign # sfidAutismo22 by FIA – the Italian Foundation for Autism is back.

Until 10 April, through a Solidarity SMS to 45592, it will be possible to challenge autism by donating 2 euros via SMS from a personal mobile phone Wind Tre, TIM, Vodafone, Iliad, PosteMobile, CoopVoce, Tiscali.

The donation will instead be 5 or 10 euros for calls from the fixed network TIM, Vodafone, Wind Tre, Fastweb and Tiscali and 5 euros for calls from the fixed network TWT, Convergenze and PosteMobile.

“It is important to share, spread the word, commit.
I count on you”.
So, Pharaoh.

Palermo lights up blue on 2 April with ParlAutismo onlus

But the commitment to remember the World Day of Awareness on Autism does not stop.
Palermo, Sicily, all of Italy, turns blue again and this year it does so in attendance.
In the Sicilian capital, the doors of the Garibaldi Politeama Theater reopen and the historic torchlight procession will resume in the square.

The show on April 2nd at 8.30pm

On Saturday starting at 20.30, in the theater with free admission, the show will begin, sponsored by the President of Ars Gianfranco Miccichè and by the Municipality of Palermo, organized by Panastudio and presented by Francesco Panasci and Rosi Pennino, president of ParlAutismo.

Special artists and kids on stage

On stage, among others, the actor and cuntist Salvo Piparo and the comedians Matranga and Minafò and Ivan Fiore will perform.
But the protagonists of the scene will be the special boys who will dance on stage and parade with the clothes of the designer Flavia Pinello.
Institutions, authorities and schools of all types and levels were invited to the evening, which in recent weeks have participated in awareness campaigns on the topic of autism.

Monuments illuminated in blue

On World Autism Day, families, institutions, associations and testimonials will gather around.
Like the Politeama Theater, the Royal Palace, the Army Command, Porta Nuova and other monuments of numerous Sicilian municipalities will also be illuminated in blue, the symbolic color of autism.

The achievements and rights still denied

It will be a day in which special kids will challenge autism on stage, talk about the needs of the world linked to autism, the achievements obtained after years of work and battles, such as protocols and openings of inclusive spaces together with institutions but loudly there will also be complaints about the rights still denied (services for adults, inclusive and family support policies, services in schools).

After the show, the torchlight procession in the square

After the show, everyone in the square for the historic torchlight procession, a symbol of the demand for the services and rights of all people with autism.
The whole city is invited.

The data in Italy

In Italy, according to the latest estimates, 1 in 77 children, between the ages of 7 and 9, has an autism spectrum disorder.
In the past two years, isolation has aggravated the conditions of people with autism and further complicated the daily life of caregivers.
Research funding therefore plays an even more important role in giving continuity to the paths with multidisciplinary teams.

There are about 500,000 families in Italy in which there is at least one person with autism spectrum disorders.
The onset of autism is early, usually occurs between 14 and 28 months of age, mainly among males with a ratio of 4.4 to 1.
It is therefore crucial to diagnose it early, in order to immediately start personalized interventions effective.

The solidarity campaign

The Campaign opens with RAI which, through RAI per il Sociale, will dedicate ample space to this issue on all networks until April 3, and then continue on many other national and local television and radio stations until April 10.