Works on the Favara-Caldare, many use a road closed to traffic: you risk penalties

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 14:19

Share Work in progress on provincial road 3, between Favara and the Caldare crossroads: pay attention to the secondary roads you will travel on. Yes, because today the Libero consortium announced the risk of high penalties for those who do not use – perhaps voluntarily – the alternative routes identified, those along Provincial Roads 13 and 85. According to the indications of the institution, vehicles coming from Aragona Caldare and heading to Favara must take the state road 640 towards Caltanissetta and then use the junction with the indication Favara on the Sp 13 / B and 85. Even for those coming from Favara the route is the same, although obviously in the opposite direction. Many, however, use an old road wreck, which is now subject to a closure order because it is invaded by abandoned waste but, also, dangerous to travel due to the poor conditions of the asphalt. “For this reason – says a note – all citizens are invited not to use, under penalty of penalties, the wreck, using the alternative routes already described until the end of the works”.

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