Work accidents in Messina, Filca Cisl: “Too many incidents, immediate discussion with the Prefecture”

The regional secretary of Filca Cisl Sicilia, Paolo D’Anca, and the provincial secretary of Filca Cisl Messina, Antonino Botta, are calling for an urgent meeting with the prefecture of Messina, as well as with institutions and employer associations, to address the repeated accidents in construction sites in the province. They highlight recent incidents, including two workers who were seriously injured while pouring concrete, workers who fell from a scaffolding after a car crashed into it, and a worker who was injured due to a collapsed floor. They argue that negligence and lack of training are often to blame for these accidents, and they call for immediate action to address this emergency.

Infortuni sul lavoro a Messina, la Filca Cisl: «Troppi incidenti nei cantieri, subito un confronto con la Prefettura»

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