Work accident: 56-year-old entrepreneur dies, torn by a tractor


A fifty-six year old man from Gela, Orazio Curvà, owner of a trucking company, died following an accident at work in the contrada Pietra Fucile in Ravanusa in the late afternoon.

The man, according to the reconstructions of the police station of Licata that is taking care of the investigations, while he was stationed near an industrial shed used for the trade of cereals, was rolled by a tractor. The accident at work, it seems, occurred – it was really a tragic fatality – during the loading operations of an articulated lorry.

The 56-year-old was immediately taken to the emergency room of the "San Giacomo d'Altopasso" hospital in Licata where he arrived alive and where the doctors did everything to save him. However, gelese has expired, about an hour after arrival, due to the crushing of the chest.

The policemen of the Licata police station have already heard, to reconstruct the tragedy, all the people informed about the facts. Has been entered in the register of suspects, but of course it is a consequential duty due, the man who was driving, in reverse, the wheeled tractor: he is a twenty-seven year old from Camastra. The hypothesis of a crime, for which he was registered, is culpable homicide.

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