Women’s volleyball, the Albaverde hosts the Caffè Trinca Palermo at the PalaCannizzaro – il Fatto Nisseno

Fifth round of the season for Albaverde who, coming from three consecutive defeats, seeks redemption and useful points from the home clash against Caffè Trinca Palermo which follows them in the standings with only one point won in the last game lost at the tie-break against the Comiso.

Beyond the relegation block that allows teams that had no promotional ambitions to play a quiet season, the incentive to do well will not be lacking and the teams will be able to take the field with less tension but more boldness and desire to take risks.

By now this B2 series championship has become a showcase in anticipation of the next season and the athletes will have the opportunity to show off, especially the younger ones who will certainly have more opportunities to take the field.

And this evolution of the B2 series championship is the case for Albaverde who already wants to lay the foundations to plan next season in time.

So from Saturday the Nissen team will take the field to make people forget the disappointing match in Marsala and re-launch themselves in the standings in search of prestigious results.

The first step passes through the clash against the Palermo team that wants to follow up on the good performance shown with Comiso.

A three-point success for Tommaso Pirrotta’s team would lead them to overtake in the standings, while a victory for the formation of the Scollo-Gotte duo would mean clearing away the last position in the standings and aiming for more important goals.

In a waltz of athletes to which the rest of the season will have to get us used to having changed the perspectives of some teams, the Palermo team will go down to PalaCannizzaro without Elisa Sozzi and Sharon Luzzi but with the probable recovery of Sara Gervasi, who grew up in Caltanissetta in the nursery of the late Totò Faraci, and daughter of Marika Lombardo, captain of the Lancia Sclar which also arrived in Serie B 30 years ago.

For her part in the Albaverde house there is concern for Francesca Cusumano’s conditions, blocked during the week by an injury that puts her in doubt for Saturday’s race.

It will be the technicians of the Nissen team shortly before the match who will decide on the use of the strong power plant also in relation to the close midweek meeting on Wednesday 24 when the Comiso will be on stage at the PalaCannizzaro with a strong recovery.

The Albaverde – Caffè Trinca race will be broadcast in livestreaming on the Albaverde facebook page starting at 5.55 pm with the technical supervision of Totò Venti.