Women's B2 volleyball, in Caltanissetta Caffè Trinca goes like an espresso and overwhelms the Traina

  • Without obstacles, for now, Caffè Trinca, 3-0 in Caltanissetta and full score
  • MedTrade falls in Comiso and is still at the pole, Us Volley rested
  • In men’s B, Volo Saber defeated in 3 sets in Lamezia by the leaders, Partinico impalpable in Catania
  • In B1 women, fight but still lose Terrasini who falls at home with Narconon Melendugno Lecce

Four games, four wins. The Caffè Trinca Palermo is booming and in Caltanissetta conquers the Traina parquet with a peremptory 3-0 and continues to sail with full points and without having given up a set. The team coached by Tommaso Pirrotta has one game less and is second behind Marsala who, after five days, leads group P of the B2 women’s volleyball national championship with 14 points.

A success that does not allow replicas

An unquestionable affirmation, in which the rosanero sextet, after observing a rest session last week, defeated the opponents by conceding the crumbs. This is demonstrated by the partials of 18 – 25, 13 – 25, 18 – 25 against an accredited team – and built – to fight for promotion.

The domination of Palermo was constant in the performance of the sets, except for the only moment of relaxation occurred in the third set in which the nissene led the games reaching the maximum advantage on the 14 – 12. A flash in the pan promptly extinguished by the rosanero wall. For Albaverde it was late at night.

Pirrotta “Result do not deceive”

Tommaso Pirrotta, coach of Caffè Trinca Palermo, flies low and does not want to exalt the spirits too much. “Such a well-rounded result must not be misleading – he underlines – the first part of each set was hard fought and played point by point. Then there is no doubt that the team that played better and that distributed the game better took the game in hand. A judgment on my girls? Week after week I discover a group with character and eager to win, I must say a great team “.

Merry” Perfect race “

Luigi Allegra, sporting director of Caffè Trinca Palermo: “It was a match in which the technical rate was asserted. An almost perfect race, carried out very well by all but I would like to highlight the performance of Eva (Di Bert, ed) who had a good race “.

match report, Vujevic, Carnazzo and Lombardo in double digits

Traina Albaverde Caltanissetta-Caffe ‘Trinca Palermo 0-3

Set : 18 – 25; 13 – 25 And 18- 25

Trolling Caltanissetta : Gervasi 7, Ferrarolo 1, Erba, D’Antoni 6, Apruti, Spena 4, Pagano, Milazzo 7 , La Mattina , Tilaro (L), Raspanti ne, Zaffuto ne. Coach: Neckline.

Caffè Trinca Palermo : Di Bert, Vujevic 11, Bishop 7, De Luca 8, Carnazzo 10, Lombard 13, Lo Gerfo (L), Ferro in, Visone in, C. Miceli in, M. Miceli in. Coach : Pirrotta.

Referees : Paolo Pirronitto and Marianna Ricceri from Catania.

MedTrade defeated in Comiso

New setback for MedTrade Volley Palermo which loses the fifth game in a row. Nothing to do, therefore, for Linda Troiano’s Eaglets who surrender in 3 sets in Comiso to Agriacono FreeCom with partials of 25 – 21; 25 – 20 And 25-19.

The yellow-blue freshman still not very effective (and lucky) in the decisive moments of the sets. Now the championship stop for MedTrade Volley Palermo before facing the double external round and always against Palermo teams: Saturday 27 November , at 18. 30, on the field of Com.Fer and Saturday 4 December, at 17 on that of Caffè Trinca.

Us Volley rested (Com.Fer ).

In masculine B, no miracles for the Saber Flight

On paper, the feat was prohibitive. The field confirmed the sensations of the eve. The Flight Saber Palermo surrenders in 3 sets in Lamezia on the field of the leaders who continues his march after five days in the M group of the men’s national cadet series. Neroverdi stopped in last position with only one point conquered.

The Volo Saber Palermo loses at the home of the leaders Raffaele Lamezia, in that Pala Sparti that six months ago gave a glimpse of a dream and the final play-off promotion for the A3 series to the boys of Nicola Ferro.

Positive signals

The Palermitans tried to contain all the potential of the Calabrians, in a head-to-head, especially in the first and third set. For Volo Saber the positive signs come from the young Giuseppe Ferro, one of the best in the field, capable of significantly impacting in the serve and with personality in attack. With him the neroverdi recover a good part of the disadvantage accumulated in the first part, only to yield to an overflowing Palmeri in a state of grace.

Faddetta’s debut

There is also the first time in the Volo jersey for the setter Faddetta, who played his role with sacrifice. Reception promoted overall, but the management of errors accrued in the offensive phase to be reviewed.

Locanto “Real championship will start with Gupe Catania”

Giorgio Locanto, president of Volo Saber Palermo, underlines: “A result that was basically counted against a very valid team that aims to play a leading role in the championship. For us the real championship will start from the next home match against Gupe Catania “.

Ferro” Good ideas that give us hope “

Nicola Ferro, trainer of Volo Saber Palermo observes: “Let’s take the positive and constructive aspects of a race that we knew was difficult. I got good ideas from Faddetta who, despite the very few training sessions, has already shown a good vision of the game and a good understanding with his teammates. And obviously the performance unlined by Giuseppe Ferro, who held the pitch well for the duration of the match. These two reflections give us hope for the rest of the championship “.

The match report, Gruesnerr confirms himself as the top scorer of Palermo

Raffaele Lamezia-Volo Saber Palermo 3-0

Set : 25 – 22, 25-16 And 25 – 20

Raffaele Lamezia : Piedepalumbo, Viterbo, Chirumbolo 5, Paradiso 13, Iorno 7, Porfida 3, Ricco, Palmeri 21, Sacco (L) 1, Isabella, Citriniti, Graziano, Mancuso, Davoli. All. Torchia.

Saber Palermo Flight : Blanco 8, Ferro G. 6, Faddetta, Gruessner 10, Banaouas 3, Simanella A. 2, Lombardo 3, Simanella G., Sibani 1, Sutera (L1), Runfola (L2). All. Ferro N.

Referees : Stefano Adornato and Claudia Durante (Reggio Calabria).

Partinico ko in Catania

New setback (the third in a row) for Partinico who surrendered 3-0 on the Volley Catania parquet. Partials do not admit replicas: 25 – 21; 25 – 20 And 25-14 certify a predominance of the Etna people. Lunetto’s boys remain at an altitude of 5. Ko worrying because they came up against a team that until now had not won even a point.

In B1 women , Terrasini beaten at home

Fight for two sets but gives away the Duo Rent Terrasini who loses at home 1-3 against Narconon Melendugno Lecce. These are the partial 29 – 31 ; 26 – 24; 19 – 25; 22 – 25 at the end of a match with a thousand faces. Once again, the decisive moments were fatal for the girls coached by Enzo D’Accardi. For Terrasini it is the fourth knockout and the ranking is crying: 1 point in five days and third to last place in group F of the national B1 series.