Women of Wine offer scholarship to Marisa Leo’s daughter to fight femicide.

“We will establish a scholarship for Marisa’s daughter as an association, we need to immediately think about her future,” says Roberta Urso, the Sicily coordinator for Women of Wine, an organization of which Marisa Leo, the woman from Salemi, was also a part. Leo was the marketing and communication manager for Colomba Bianca winery and was killed by her ex-partner Angelo Reina in the Ferla district, on the border between Marsala and Mazara. “For now,” adds Roberta Urso, “the child will be taken care of by her grandparents, who are very sweet people and will surely take care of her with love. But grandparents are not eternal, and when the child grows up, she will need support. We want to create this support from now on, to try to ensure her peace of mind when she becomes a young woman.”

Femminicidio, dalle Donne del Vino una borsa di studio per la figlia di Marisa Leo

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