Wild nightlife in the historic center, complaints and fines for three pubs and a market

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The activity of the municipal police in Palermo is intensified to counteract the wild nightlife.
Last weekend, as part of the checks aimed at checks on the illicit supply and sale of alcoholic and spirits to minors, the agents sanctioned two pubs and a market.

The two pubs and the market

In the pub on Via Monteleone it was found that two children under 16 were given spirits at the table and reports were raised for over 600 euros.
In another pub in Via Carducci there were three others, all fifteen, served with alcoholic beverages: in this case, in addition to the fines for a total of about one thousand euros, the manager of the restaurant was denounced because he administered alcoholic beverages to a child under 16.
Finally, in a market in via Calderai, the order prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages and spirits beyond midnight was not respected and in this case the report was 6,666.67 euros.

The abusive concert

Still as part of the controls in the nightlife areas, the white helmets intervened in a pub in Largo Cavalieri di Malta, following a complaint by the residents.
In the activity a live concert was in progress with sound emissions and amplified outdoor music diffusion.
Moreover, with numerous furnishings and equipment for the operation, it took care of the entire portion of the roadway.
From the visual, formal and documentary control of the activity, violations emerged for the illegal occupation of public land in the external space in front of the venue, the entire Largo.

The measures

The crime was reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the manager because he arbitrarily maintained, invading and occupying a substantial portion of public land, of about 120 square meters in order to profit from it, with numerous furnishings and equipment at the service of the activity and for having defaced things of historical and artistic interest.
There are numerous high administrative fines for almost 5 thousand euros in total: illegal occupation of public land; dehors without the necessary concession of public land; absence of certification for starting activities in the outdoor area; absence of phonometric report of the musical equipment in use; absence of the prescribed haccp self-control plan for food safety; one of the managers lacked the required professional title for food handling.

The devices seized

The agents carried out the precautionary administrative seizure, with the affixing of seals, of five musical electro-acoustic equipment, audio speakers, consoles and mixers, for outdoor music broadcasting in an area belonging to the room, with another complaint report.
Subsequently, by order of the municipal offices of the Suap, the accessory sanction of the forced closure of five days of the activity will be applied.
The abusive musical entertainment event was immediately stopped and the status of the places restored.
“It should be noted – they write in a note from the municipal police command – that the managers, right from the start, were very impatient and uncooperative for the entire duration of the control, continually hindering the office activities put in place by the tax inspectors “.

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