Wild movida in Trapani, the prefect summons the mayors and the police

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The increasingly frequent episodes of fights and an increasingly exaggerated nightlifewhich occur on weekends in several cities in the province of Trapani they have created a certain alarmism.
This was discussed during the meeting that took place at the prefecture, of the Provincial Committee for public order and security chaired by the prefect Filippina Cocuzza, in the presence of the provincial leaders of the police, all the mayors and by the extraordinary commissioner of the Municipality of Misiliscemi.

The meeting was convened to define, with all the mayors and in a homogeneous way throughout the province, the measures to be adopted to ensure safe nightlife, regulating in a structured way “the summer initiatives on the basis of a uniform, expressed within the Committee, in the awareness of the absolute need for shared rules in order to guarantee, in the context of leisure and entertainment activities, an adequate and indispensable safety framework, through common rules regarding timetables, the sale of alcohol, the noise emissions and the procedures for joint checks aimed at preventing tensions, riots or fights and at the same time guaranteeing public peace ”.

In short, we want to prevent what generally happens on weekends in some cities of the province.
A risk that increases in the summer due to the presence of numerous tourists.
Monitoring was also carried out on the programming of summer events, with particular reference to the manifestations of shows that require timely and preventive organization.

Established during the meeting that “these events must be promptly communicated by the local authorities in order to implement all the necessary safety measures, including by the organizers”.

The meeting was also an opportunity to once again draw the attention of the mayors of Trapani to the adoption of effective strategies for preventing and fighting forest fires and interfaces.

Requested the updating of the municipal civil protection plans, with reference to the procedures envisaged in the event of a fire, the updating of the cadastre of the areas crossed by the fire, an effective deterrence tool, the use of volunteers by all the bodies involved , especially on days affected by particular risk conditions due to the ignition of fires.


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