Wild boar warning on highway, motorists at risk, social media appeals

The problem of wild boars in Sicily is not new, but now there are appeals from various quarters, on social media and elsewhere, because they are seriously endangering the safety of motorists. They are not just on peripheral and secondary roads, but also on highways like the Messina-Palermo, where their presence has put the lives of motorists at serious risk. There have been heated debates on social media about this issue. Many people who travel on the A20 highway from Tusa to Buonfornello have written on Facebook in the last few hours to advise others to be extremely careful and to moderate their speed, as wild boars have been reported on the road. There was also a near miss near the Castelbuono exit, where a driver miraculously avoided a collision with a giant boar in the middle of the road. There have also been problems on the Palermo-Agrigento highway, where a boar was photographed on the roadside in Misilmeri during the night.

Allarme cinghiali in autostrada, automobilisti in pericolo e appelli sui social

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