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“Who wants to be mayor?”, In Palermo there is a boom in candidates: all the names for Palazzo delle Aquile

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PALERMO – The official has finally arrived and there is no going back.
The next June 12th Sicilian voters will go to the polls to elect the new mayors of 120 island cities, with second round the June 26.

Among the municipalities that will go to the vote there is also the capital Palermowhere the road leading to the most coveted armchair of Palace of the Eagles has become extremely busy, with numerous candidates convinced that they can take on the legacy of Leoluca Orlandowhose syndication is now winding down.

Let me be clear, during the two months that separate us from the closing of the presentation of the lists and from the fateful election silence, the number of suitors is certainly destined to grow.
However, already now it is possible to make a brief summary of names And deployments.

Center-right, unit wanted

Impossible not to start from Regional center-right, where a real internal “battle” has been going on for months between the various parties that make up the coalition.
Not a single name, therefore, but three.

Francesco Cascio is the candidate chosen by Come on Italy, as recently reiterated by the regional coordinator of FI, Gianfranco Miccichè.
Still on the right, Fratelli d’Italia has made official the candidacy of Carolina Varchithe “meloniana” of iron on the island and one of the most convinced supporters of the Roman leader.

Only at the end of last week, however, Francesco Scoma has dissolved the reservations by deciding to officially take the field with the Lega di Matteo Salvini.
To support this are the lists Italy first And Scoma mayor.

The UDC and the Lagalla card

After months of back and forth, the candidacy of Roberto Lagalla.
The former Councilor for Education and Vocational Training of Musumeci government last Thursday he presented his resignation, returning the proxies in the hands of the island governor.

Lagalla, currently supported only byUdc, he hoped that the center-right coalition (which supported him for 4 years) will finally be able to regain that recently lost cohesion.
Desire also expressed by the same Musumeci during the conference of the resigning councilor.

The names of the Left

On the left the name he agreed Democratic party And 5 Star Movement is that of Franco Micelipresident of the Order of Architects who supplanted the pentastellate proposal by Giampiero Trizzinowho until the end had hoped to get the support of the grillini.

Italy Viva instead, it has long ago made known the candidacy of Davide Faraone, very faithful Renziano.
The coalition made up of Action Of Calenda And + Europe instead gave birth to the name of Fabrizio Ferrandelli, municipal councilor who presents himself for the third time as a candidate for mayor.
Will it be the right time?

The “independents”

Among the most recent candidacies is that of Rita Barbera.
The former director of the city prisons of Ucciardone and Pagliarelli presents himself to the administrative offices with the support of two independent lists.

Not to forget, then, the candidacies of Totò Lentini, leader of the Popolari e Autonomisti all’Ars among the most “experienced” politicians in Palermo.
Lentini presents himself with the symbol of the Alliance for Palermo.

He will also compete for the seat of mayor of the Sicilian capital Francesca DonatoMEP with a recent past in the ranks of League and noted for its disputed positions on Green Pass And vaccines.