Who is Francesco Isca, the concrete king in the province of Trapani?

Francesco Isca, recipient of a 12 million confiscation by the Dia, was placed under house arrest in February 2020 due to his involvement in the Phimes operation conducted by the Carabinieri. Investigators discovered his connections with mafia boss Salvatore Crimi, from whom Isca allegedly obtained financial resources and market influence to pursue lucrative public works projects at the expense of competing businesses, disrupting fair competition and the functioning of the free market. The mafia organization benefited from these activities by increasing its control over economic activities in the region and providing employment opportunities for its members. Witness Nicolò Nicolosi confirmed Isca’s ties to mafia families and emphasized his monopoly over cement supply in the province of Trapani, supported by prominent members of organized crime. Isca also financially supported Crimi’s sister as reciprocation for the support his family provided for Isca’s businesses. Isca expressed his concerns about his situation in a wiretapped conversation, acknowledging his close connection to the Crimi family and his involvement in significant business deals. Investigations revealed Isca’s relationships with Giovanni Filardo, cousin of Matteo Messina Denaro, and Vito Nicastri, known as the “windlord” and implicated in the 2019 Dia investigation involving a national undersecretary, politicians, and regional officials. During the investigation, it was discovered that Isca was involved in a waste disposal project in Calatafimi Segesta, partnering with Nicastri and Paolo Franco Arata.

Chi è Francesco Isca, il re del calcestruzzo in provincia di Trapani

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