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The aim is to improve and make the ring road safer: this is when the works will begin and what they will consist of.

The redevelopment of the Catania bypass is underway: the works will begin in the first week of July.
It is a safety and improvement intervention which aims to eliminate the many dangers of a busy artery and unfortunately often traveled at high speed.

In recent weeks, in fact, the execution of the works was contracted out to the company C.
& PSrldi Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto which offered a discount of 28.808% on the basic auction amount of € 3,019,547.18 over € 61,623 , 41 for security charges, not subject to discount, winning the Municipal Administration’s tender on the electronic market.

“At the end of a complex process – explained the councilor for maintenance Pippo Arcidiacono – we improve and make safety, sixteen years after the last works one of the nerve arteries of the city traffic pours into the vehicular traffic of most of the municipalities of the metropolitan area direct to Catania.

The redevelopment project launched last year together with the mayor Salvo Pogliese, proposes a qualitative improvement of the infrastructure, through the execution of restoration works of the eight kilometers of the road axis, from Monte Po to Ognina, with two two-way carriageways of gear, to be completely redone.
I would like to express a particular thanks to the director of municipal maintenance Salvo Leonardi, to the organizational position Giovanni Origlio and to the collaborators who have worked hard to achieve the goal “.

At present, in fact, the ring road has security deficienciesdue to a road surface now degraded in all its extension, with surface alterations, detachment of the wear layer, holes, depressions caused by the invasion of the roots of the trees, but also the rise of drains and trapdoors and, finally, guard -rail now semi-destroyed.

All renovations, from sidewalks to the entire road surface planned in the execution of the works, which the Municipal Administration intends to implement, the only ones of a certain importance after those carried out in the distant 2006, without addressing as a whole the need to make the bypass effectively an urban road, the main axis east-west connection of the city, so that pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and motorcyclists can cross it in complete safety.

The project also includes the construction of new pedestrian areas which can subsequently be integrated with the affixing of street furniture such as flower boxes for greenery and redevelopment of the roundabouts, which were largely built with sponsors.

The redevelopment project is financed within the EU funds of the Catania Development Pact and included in the Development and Cohesion Plan, which with the conversion law of the Growth Decree, established a single Plan for each Administration, an indispensable act of programming that was made operational by the Government only at the end of last year.

“All these functions – explained the councilor for EU funds Sergio Parisi – determine the use of urban spaces by citizens and improve the image of the city itself, given that the ring road is one of the gateways to the urban area .
I particularly thank the Director of Community Policies Fabio Finocchiaro and the staff of Community Policies for having identified in recent months the resources necessary to finance this great project within the vast plan for the remodeling of EU funds destined for Catania.

A plan that we have planned, together with the whole council and the city council, a planning action which is already seeing the first fruits for the city, with construction sites open or about to open, with tenders awarded or in the award phase “.

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