“When Giovanni became Falcone” by Girolamo Lo Verso: presentation of the book in Palermo

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“When Giovanni became Falcone” by Girolamo Lo Verso, the book that tells the man Giovanni before he became the most famous judge in the world: presentation on Friday 18 March at 6 pm at Villa Zito in Palermo.
Carefree fishing trips, evening discussions about Sicily, the sea, books, life.
For Girolamo Lo Verso – full professor of psychotherapy fr at Unipa, expert in research / intervention on mafia psychology – the friendship with Giovanni Falcone begins before the anti-mafia Pool, before his life in armor at the Palermo prosecutor’s office.
It began in the seventies when the most famous judge in the world was still simply Giovanni, a tireless swimmer serving at the Court of Trapani.
And the author is simply a psychotherapist at the Asp of Trapani and a passionate explorer and spearfisher.
Private memories, carefully guarded for many years by Professor Lo Verso that are now shared to become a heritage of shared knowledge but, above all, a stimulus for reflection on the history of Falcone, Sicily and the anti-mafia in the delicate historical moment we are experiencing, crossed from the pandemic, which the author himself identifies as the frontier of possible changes in the mafia organization, and thirty years after the ’92 massacres.
The book – published at the end of November by the Roman publishing house PandiLettere and premiered in the capital at the fair of small and medium publishing Più Libri più Liberi – will be presented on the occasion of the “Thirty anniversary of the death of Giovanni Falcone”.
The event is organized by the Sicily Foundation; Inner Wheel Palermo Normanna; Anti-violence Pool for Legality Angela Mattarella Fundarò.
Among the speakers, in addition to Prof.
Girolamo Lo Verso, Raffaele Bonsignore (landlord and President of the Sicily Foundation) and Agata Mattarella Fundarò (organizer of the event, President of the Anti-violence Pool for Legality and of the Inner Wheel Palermo Normanna), Antonio Balsamo (President of the Court of Palermo), Gioacchino Natoli (magistrate), Francesco La Licata (journalist); Maria Falcone (President of the Falcone Foundation), Salvatore Cusimano (journalist).

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