What risks the policewoman no green pass Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò under a disciplinary measure

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 11:44

Share A disciplinary action by the Rome Police Headquarters has already been initiated against Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò, the deputy commissioner who took the stage of the no green pass event in the capital on Saturday, who now risks from “simple” vocal recall to dismissal. He could also suffer the deploration, governed by article 5 of Presidential Decree 737/1981, that is a “written declaration of formal disapproval” which involves “the delay of one year in the periodic salary increase or in the attribution of the higher salary class. , starting from the day on which the first benefit would accrue after the date on which the deficiency was detected “and” can also be imposed in addition to the pecuniary penalty in relation to the seriousness of the deficiency and the personality of the person responsible “. With the deploration are punished “the habitual or serious negligence in the fulfillment of one’s duties; persistent transgressions already punished with less serious penalties; serious deficiencies relating to discipline or rules of conduct; deficiencies seriously detrimental to the dignity of functions; acts aimed at preventing or limiting the exercise of political or trade union rights or the mandate of defender or member of a collegial body provided for by the rules on the State Police; negligence in the government or in the care of the living conditions and well-being of the personnel or in controlling the disciplinary behavior of employees; negligence or imprudence or non-compliance with the provisions on the use of personnel and equipment or in the use, custody or conservation of weapons, explosives, means, materials, infrastructures, correspondence and documents “. Schilirò’s police career could now be at risk. Nunzia Alessandra Schilirò has successfully directed the fourth section of the mobile square in Rome. In the past she has dealt with sexual offenses against women and pedophilia. He has won awards and coordinated projects on gender-based violence and against bullying. Schilirò owns a Telegram channel in which he shares contents of ByoBlu, an online TV that often hosts “controversial” characters, and other conspiracy channels in reference to the pandemic. Lamorgese: “Very serious” the statements of the assistant commissioner Schilirò The Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese also intervened yesterday evening on the Schilirò affair. as a police officer. Lamorgese is following the affair “personally” together with the police chief Lamberto Giannini so that “the responsibilities of the person concerned under every legally relevant profile are ascertained with absolute speed”. (Fonte: Today.it)

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